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How often should I practice yoga as a beginner?

Think of it as a new friendship – start with a few times a week. It’s all about finding your groove and building consistency. No rush, just let it flow naturally.

What do I wear to yoga class?

Comfort is key! Slip into something stretchy and comfy – yoga pants, leggings, or shorts. A breathable top and bare feet will complete your yoga chic look.

I'm not flexible at all. Can I still do yoga?

Absolutely! Flexibility is a journey, not a destination. Yoga is about embracing where you are and gradually stretching those limits. So, bring your non-flexy self and let’s get started!

What's the deal with all the props? Do I need them?

Props are your friends, seriously. They help you ease into poses, find balance, and deepen stretches. Don’t be shy – bolsters, blocks, and straps are here to make your practice a whole lot cozier.

Can I eat before yoga class?

Light snacks are your go-to. Think banana, granola bar, or yogurt. You’ll want some fuel without feeling too stuffed. A heavy meal might make those twists a bit uncomfortable.

What's with the different types of yoga? Which one's right for me?

It’s like choosing an ice cream flavor – all about personal taste. If you’re new, start with Hatha or Vinyasa for a balanced intro. Explore and find what clicks – it’s your yoga journey, after all!

Do I need to be super zen and spiritual for yoga?

Nah, you do you! Yoga is a mix of physical and mental well-being. Whether you’re a chill yogi or a lively spirit, there’s a mat with your name on it. It’s all about finding your flow.

What if I can't do a certain pose?

No sweat, seriously. Yoga’s about progress, not perfection. Modify, take a breather, and be kind to yourself. Every yogi has their unique journey, so just keep flowing.

Is yoga just for young people?

Not at all! Yoga welcomes everyone, no matter your age. It’s all about feeling good in your body and finding your balance. From teens to golden years, yoga is ageless.

Will yoga help with stress and anxiety?

Absolutely! Yoga’s like a natural stress-buster. The mindful breathing and gentle movements help soothe your nerves and calm your mind. It’s like a mini-vacation for your brain.

Can guys do yoga too?

Absolutely, dudes are totally welcome on the mat! Yoga’s for all, regardless of gender. It’s a great way to boost flexibility, strength, and that cool yogi vibe – no yoga stereotypes here!

Pregnancy Packages?

Let us take care of you your entire pregnancy.  

6 massages (once a month) $480 (Save $60)  

12 massages (once every two weeks) $900 (Save $180)

20 massages (when you want one) $1400 (Save $400)

Pregnancy Packages?

Let us take care of you your entire pregnancy.  

6 massages (once a month) $480 (Save $60)  

12 massages (once every two weeks) $900 (Save $180)

20 massages (when you want one) $1400 (Save $400)

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